Able To Encourage Customers To Purchase More Than One Big Bang Watch

Despite being priced out of the grasp of many otherwise willing consumers, Hublot achieved incredible sales success with the Big Bang. When asked about this, Jean-Claude Biver said that the real part of the success was being able to encourage customers to purchase more than one Big Bang watch.

As I discussed above in the section about “the law of multiple attraction,” the Big Bang aimed to be Replica Watches UK that could be produced in many varieties, and ended up being appealing to the same person in multiple varieties. Whereas people tended to buy a single Rolex Submariner, that same type of Swiss Replica Watches consumer could buy a slew of Hublot Big Bang models, and still feel as though they could handle more.

Hublot Replica Watches became the master of offering meaningful variety to their products not only by making various Big Bang models look different from one another but also by often connecting them to events, people, charities, and sponsorships. As I said before, this not only allowed for Hublot to penetrate new demographics of potential customers, but was also a great way of offering existing customers product variety to tempt them.

The Dubois Depraz Module On The Dial Side Of The HUB1155 Caliber

In some lights, as it is captured directly above, the dial looks glorious, with the long, polished hands and the multi-faceted indices bathing in light. There is a sapphire ring around the dial that reflects in blue – not sure if that is done on purpose or not, but beyond the little purple jewels, this blue ring is the only color on this hublot replica watches.

Its blue-ish tint can be observed with the naked eye and under many lighting circumstances, it isn’t just the camera that captures it. There is a lot going on with the dial, as the Dubois Depraz module on the dial side of the HUB1155 caliber does what it does best – add visual complexity.

Speaking of the movement inside the Orlinski Classic Fusion, the base is an ETA 2892A2 with the aforementioned Dubois Depraz module fitted on top. There really isn’t much to say about this – it’s a lot like a Bang & Olufsen hi-fi with Philips internals in it, or an Aston Martin with a Volvo key and navigation system.

All the nerds know and consequently look down on it – but those who actually buy these clearly don’t. There is no justice in the world for know-it-alls, is there? Nevertheless, Hublot and Dubois Depraz go as far as they can to make this combination look as complex as possible – there are some wheels and technical-looking plates on display, not to mention that massive date ring, fully on show.