Look At Me I Own A Rolex Replicas

For today’s market, I think these are ambitiously priced. This one in particular, I can’t reconcile with the dial. The orange logo and red gloss hand hate each other, and the handset overall is too small. The minute hand doesn’t have terrible length although the hour hand does and it’s too slight. The main dial is too flat and lifeless for me. Sure its military inspired but meh, then why does anything have a polished or gloss finish?

Excellent question by the way. I am not a purist so if I like a design and the quality of execution, I will seriously consider what others might call an homage. Then again, I haven’t really bought an homage, either.

The closest I’ve come is my Swiss Replica Watches, which superficially is a Rolex homage. Different hands, dial, etc. and then there’s the classic flieger look, but a lot of brands have done this.

One thing about Rolex watches is that they are built to be accurate, very durable and certainly reliable. I previously owned a 2007 sea dweller and currently own a 2017 Submariner date. Can’t fault them, they can take a knock or two and still keep going like nothing happened. To me Rolex replica uk is more about well engineered, quality time pieces and not about “look at me I own a Rolex replicas”.  I keep reminding myself that good things are worth waiting for .