My Friends Have Bought Replica Watches Off You In The Past

I will take it to a small watch shop I know and let you know of the outcome. If he can fix it I will require you to reimburse me the costs. If he cannot fix it I will require a full refund or a replacement watch. I do not want a discount later, we are honest people here and i just want my watch to work correctly.

Replica Rolex Watch

You are joking, I have paid over £100 for a watch that is not working, please send me another watch free of charge or shipping.

This watch has been trouble from the start if you check all my e-mails to you.

I am very disappointed in your customer service by suggesting that I should pay shipping fees.

Replica Rolex Watch

I am an honest old man and I am sure you are a decent company that is why we came to you for my 75th. birthday.

Just cut out all this negotiating business and send the replica watches UK.

I have been told by my Credit Card company that I can make a charge back against you which at this stage I am reluctant to do and given  you every chance of rectifying this problem.

I am really sorry to inform you that the winder on the replacement watch has failed. I have taken it to a small watch repairer who says the screws on the winder are no good. I am deeply disappointed that this should happen again.

Replica Rolex Watch

As I explained in my earlier e- mails this was bought for me for my 75th. birthday which is on the 18th. of August.

Whilst I am sure that you are also disappointed with the outcome after trying to help with this problem I am now left with a problem of being £117.00 out of pocket almost a weeks old age pension. I believe customer loyalty has to work both ways, so here is what I suggest.

  1. a) You send me a printed envelope with your address on with payment for postage and I will return the watch.
  2. b) I will have a look at your catalogue and pick a different watch which you will send to me free of charge.
  3. c) I have again spoken to my credit card supplier in the charge back department and have read out all the e-mail from the beginning and they say there should not be a problem with a reimbursement if I send them all the details.

Replica Rolex Watch

My friends have bought off you in the past and do know that generally you are honourable and decent people.