Omega’s Extremely Thorough In-House Quality Control Procedure

Since we’re talking wearability, we should also talk basic, but essential stuff, like wearing comfort. The Omega Speedmaster Racing Master Chronometer reference 329. comes on a black strap the material of which, at the time of writing, Omega Replica Watches does not publicly say anything about – not in the Baselworld launch document, nor on their site.

The strap is not marked as “Genuine Leather” and although because of its color and texture I presume most (including myself) would call it a leather strap after first sight and touch, upon closer inspection the Replica Watches UK actually has a strange, rubbery feel that makes me think it’s not leather.

It is soft to the touch, but more like very supple and lightly textured rubber than any type of real leather. Therefore, even if it was genuine leather, it must have received some strong surface treatment that changed its feel. Having had this Cheap Replica Watches for about two months and on the wrist very often, I don’t have great concerns about the durability of this material, but I do wish it was genuine leather. It works fine in our age when car interiors are plastic and yet are somehow desirable (think of alcantara, for example) – but I do prefer the durability and patina of real leather.