TAG Heuer Has Adopted The Practice Of Mainly Calling Their Heritage

One of the most interesting elements of the Autavia is the selection of strap and bracelet options. TAG Heuer replica uk eventually opted for a totally retro-looking steel metal bracelet and a brown leather strap that looks like it was made from a well-worn baseball mitt (the strap is actually brown camel leather). The choices appear quirky at first, but are very intentional.

They are fashion choices and they work because both the strap and bracelet (each in their own way) offer an unexpected sense of personality to the replica watches uk. The bracelet is distinctive because you just don’t see anything like it today—so “bringing it back” is novel.

The leather strap isn’t just meant to look aged, but aged in a very particular manner. None of that happens unless someone obsesses over the details—and clearly the team who put this watch together at replica TAG Heuer watches had fun (and likely drove some poor suppliers nuts) picking and choosing how the Heritage Autavia was going to come together.